was established in 1988 as a Trading Company for Import / Export and Distribution of Goods in the Middle East. Today, ECHTAR is becoming among the fastest growing regional companies throughout the area representing different International Companies. EG although initially mainly for Import and Export, it is also specialized in many other fields and can supply most kinds of business activities required by the interested parties.

We're innovators, technologists, business designers and project managers who work, with our clients to produce significant results in their business. We also are thinkers and entrepreneurs who create new business models in partnership with our clients. EG is able to undertake projects of varied nature and scope, it can adopt modern approaches in handling the projects, identifying project-specific strategies and needs, and can tackle the managerial issues easily. Working constantly to fulfill our customers’ needs, we have built our business on foundations of professionalism, competitive prices and speedy reliable delivery The group also believes in delivering value added services to its customers by understanding the worldwide market and specifically Middle East and Iraqi nature of business and by insuring its services adhere to the requirements of the clients. The highly qualified team made EG one of the largest growing regional companies throughout the Middle East & Europe. EG control and operate more than five companies and work in different specialties, since its inception EG has been deeply involved in different industry projects, multi Consultancies, Scientifics & Lab Instruments, Plants, Pumps, Industry machinery and Different Material for Petroleum Industry. EG policy is to follow up its various activities and make sure the requirements of its partners are fulfilled through assignment of professionals with the appropriate skills and experience for the duration of each project.

EG team currently about 30 in number consists of Executives, Consultants, Doctors, Engineers, Technicians and Marketing Professionals, they are mainly distributed in Europe, USA, China and Middle East. EG can adopt modern approaches in handling the projects in the following ways.
• Detailed studies
• Advanced communications
• Functional and detailed analyses
• Programming / Integrations
• Factory tests

Since we started in 1988, EG set out to be different in how we would collaborate with our clients to achieve significant results, in how we would deploy our expertise and in how we would respond to problems in the broader community in which we operate.
• Maintenance / Operation
• Local & International Trading and representation
• Marketing and Exports
• Construction, Information Technology
• Telecommunications and Technical Training

In its quest for further expansion, the Group seeks to be involved in joint ventures or projects with overseas parties specifically in the following sectors :

• Financial Services
• Power and Energy
• Infrastructure Development and Utilities

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Our goal is to make substantial improvements in our clients business, which can be measured by :
• comparison with the worldwide standards
• approaching the challenges our clients face from the perspectives of their customers
• integrating new processes, systems and technology,
• advanced communications and coordination between people and their work
• finally, by ensuring lasting benefits through the transfer of new skills to our clients

We are confident about what we can deliver, we are also prepared to link our income to the agreed success criteria and specifically the value we produce.

With our continuous success and ambitions to develop further, a new parallel comes into consideration to use our skills and resources in ways to benefit a wider community. The core aim of EG is to develop commercial skills in those who never had the opportunity to learn and build successful businesses.

EG is a leading provider in the field of revenue optimization and business intelligence. We help in Consultancies, Entertainment, Industry and Engineering, help our sectors clients increase their revenue by implementing revenue optimization techniques. We have gathered the skills and experience to guide them through any stage of revenue optimization, from profit assessment to process improvement, tools integration, implementation, maintenance and support, as well as staff training. Based in Paris, France, London UK, Amman Jordan, Baghdad Iraq & Abu Dhabi UAE the Group has assembled an expert Consulting & Engineering team experienced in revenue management solutions.


EG on the move looking ahead new acquisitions and new technologies, it is all focused on providing our clients with more options customized to their business.

Mission :

• Take Care of the Customer Put customer interests first - before, during, and after the contract.
• Attract and Retain Competent Professionals Offer incentives, rewards high performance, and encourage long-term employment.
• Provide the Highest Quality at a Fair Price Deliver maximum value to our clients on every assignment.
• Grow and expand at a Manageable Rate Develop opportunities for all employees by growing at a rate that we can successfully staff and manage.
• Use the Power of Teamwork Give credit for success, recognize the contribution of each employee, and promote from within whenever possible.
• Be the Dominant Company in our Specialties Have a valid plan to become better and larger.


We help our clients increase their revenue, guiding them through any stage of revenue optimisation, from profit assessment to process improvement, tools integration, implementation, maintenance and support, as well as staff training :

1. Assess areas for optimisation through a “flash audit”
2. Identify appropriate optimisation practices for the specific context of the client
3. Assess potential incremental profit based on quantitative and qualitative analysis
4. Implement “quick wins”, which facilitate the adoption of processes and accelerate gains
5. Define optimal operational processes and management rules
6. Select the best IT solution
7. Configure and implement the selected solution
8. Provide change management advice
9. Implement revenue management operational processes

Our consulting team covers the opportunity assessment and evaluation phases of a project and offers support and training.
Our consultants have implemented numerous revenue optimisation in projects of entertainment and other services sectors such as the media and telecom industry.
In the following section, follow the different steps which lead to the success of a revenue management project.
This part will help you plan the main tasks and prepare key decisions.


- Data mining & Modelling
Our data mining & modelling team provides all the quantitative analysis, forecasting and scenarios of modelling. All the members of this team combine strong analytical skills of experience in business analysis in the hospitality, travel and media sectors

- Solution development and R&D (Research & Development)
Our development team is responsible for the development, implementation and support of EG's optimisation solution.
Using the latest technologies (component-based, J2EE, XML), it ensures that each module is open-ended, offering maximum flexibility, scalability and ease of integration

A. Opportunity Assessment
The first two steps toward optimisation consist of analysing:
1. The inventory occupancy in terms of both the discount rate and the occupancy rate [Inventory analysis].
2. The profit potential from each client, taking into account the level of contribution to the occupancy rate and the client's purchasing behaviour [Client evaluation].

B. Strategy
The inventory analysis is followed by the implementation and management of the inventory strategy [Inventory strategy and Inventory management].
The client evaluation provides the elements that enable to develop a strategy maximising profitability per client [Sales strategy].
A client strategy is controlled by the process of [Sales Management] and consists of two components :
1. Contractual conditions offered to the largest clients or sales terms and conditions for smaller clients.
2. Inventory allocation policy.

C. Levers
Revenue and sales optimisation practices and techniques utilize the four main levers available to the sales house :
1. contract negotiation, aimed at optimising sales house revenue and meeting client demands
2. Sales terms and conditions, through which conditional offers that stimulate demand are created, with fencing conditions preventing offer cannibalisation
3. Pricing policy, which involves adjustments based on the correlation analysis between offer and demand, ensuring smoother bookings and maximum revenue generation
4. Availability management, which enables the selection of the most strategic and profitable demand, while maximizing bookings.

EG Client Evaluation is a sales strategy support tool designed to help you assess client value rapidly and accurately: access relevant indicators on actual client booking behaviour, cross and aggregate figures and benefit from advanced comparison, clustering and ranking functionalities. Leverage the results in sales negotiations.
EG Deal Management evaluates the profitability of contracts or recurrent clients in function of client objectives, flexibility, behaviour, and generates alternative proposals. Consolidate, manage, compare and monitor all your deals to increase your reactivity in requests for proposal.

EG Alert Management facilitates systematic inventory and client monitoring. Intelligent alerts based on any type or combination of criteria (loading / occupancy rate, revenue, price and discount rate, client specific, etc.). Original visual access to your planning status through custom screens, enabling multi-level organisation and task prioritisation
EG Availability Management issues daily instructions for your reservation system based on the latest booking and forecast information. It allows any type of recommendation, and supports user-defined rules and exceptions as well as automated instructions based on bid price calculation.
EG Deal Quotation optimises usage of your inventory. It uses client objectives and demand pressure forecast to propose deal scenarios maximising your global revenue while meeting client preferences.

Medical Fields :
Managed by a dedicated team, EG is becoming one of the leading companies in this field and has been providing medical supply solutions for over 15 years, offering global care and worldwide delivery of pharmaceuticals, surgical supplies, medical equipment, medical consumables and first-aid / life resuscitation kits. Throughout the world, doctors and nurses need a reliable source of medical and surgical supplies and hospital equipment to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. With long years of experience in pharmaceutical, surgical and medical equipment for hospitals and clinics around the world EG can fulfil your needs by offering a wide range of products with competitive value.
The Medical Service
• Worldwide Delivery
• Competitive Pricing
• Years of experience
• Worldwide Sources
• Certified drugs & equipment
• Bulk Discounts

Our extensive product list includes
harmaceuticals & OTC (Over The Counter) Drugs
• Medical Supplies & Equipment
• Medical Consumables & Sundries
• Defibrillators
• Drug & Alcohol Testing Kits
• ECG, X-Ray Equipment
• Sterilizers
• Oxygen Resuscitators
• Stretchers, Splints & Disconnection Devices
• Paramedic and Safety Equipment
• First Aid / Life resuscitation Kits
• Surgical Supplies & Equipment
• Water Treatment and Testing
• Dental Supplies
• All operating theatre and Anaesthetic Devices
• Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Equipments
• The newborn and children needs.

Petrol Industry :
During the last decade EG had developed capabilities in all fields of the Oil industry, the following is a list of these fields:
• Petroleum Engineering
• Electronic Engineering
• Digital Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Control & Systems Engineering
• Business Activities, Relations And Representation.



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